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Cheap orthotics? You might be better off not wearing any

Your feet are literally the foundations for your body; if you don't take care of them, you can set off a chain reaction up your body from your ankles and legs, into your pelvis, spine and back...

Can the shoes a toddler wears affect their feet later as they grow?

Did you know you can buy high heeled shoes for your toddler, through online retailers in Australia? No podiatrist would ever recommend this type of shoe for a growing foot (and probably not for an...

Can foot pain cause back pain?

Pain is never welcome, but one of the most devastating pains can be back pain. Affecting and constricting almost every movement, back pain can often radiate from and into other parts of the body....

Sports injuries that you should see your podiatrist for

Australians love their sport, both on and off the field. It’s estimated that 58% of adults and 69% of children participated in sport-related activities, with football the most popular...

A guide to treating kids’ ankle sprain

Kids are active creatures. Over summer and at school, it’s likely they’ll be up to all the various antics that keep themselves entertained – from running through to riding their...

Suffering from foot pain? Orthotics might be the answer

When you’ve got foot pain, it can be totally debilitating. We often don’t think about our feet until something goes wrong and, when it does, it’s hard to think about anything else....

How podiatrists can treat ingrown and fungal toe nails

Have you got an ingrown toe nail? A fungal toe nail? Hot foot it to a podiatrist. They’re feet specialists and the experts to treat any toe nail troubles.   Avoid over the counter...

Heel pain: how can my podiatrist help?

Are you middle aged? Do you play sport? Are you overweight? Do you stand for long periods of time?   If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions you’re likely to suffer...

What does a podiatrist treat?

When things are going smoothly in our lives, it’s easy to take our feet for granted. It’s not until something goes wrong, when we realise how much it impacts our everyday...

What are the 5 common causes of foot pain?

Most of us have experienced foot pain at some point in our lives. When your feet, ankles or knees are in pain or simply don’t work properly, it can really slow you down - causing a lot of...