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Wound Management

Wound management is a crucial aspect of podiatry that focuses on treating and healing wounds on the feet, ankles and lower limbs of individuals with diabetes, vascular issues or foot deformities.

At Toorak Village Podiatry we provide care for wounds to promote healing, reduce the risk of infection and prevent further damage.  

Wound management at Toorak Village Podiatry includes: 

Assessment and diagnosis: Assessing the wound’s severity, cause and underlying conditions that may impact healing. This includes assessment for neuropathy, circulation issues and making recommendations.

Cleaning and Debriding: The wounds may need to be cleaned and debrided to remove dead tissue, bacteria and debris to make the wound heal faster and reduce the risk of infection.

Pressure Offloading: If the wound is on or near a weightbearing area, offloading techniques like padding, orthotics and other modifications may be implemented to relieve pressure on the wound for optimal healing.

Dressing changes: We can provide appropriate, modern dressings and advice dependent on the wound’s severity, size and location.

Medications: Some wounds may require medications to reduce inflammation, pain or heal infections that can be prescribed by our podiatrists.

Referral: When required, we can refer you to other medical professionals when specialised care is necessary. 

Effective wound management is essential for reducing the risk of complications, promoting healing and minimising the risk of amputation. We work closely with other healthcare professionals including your general practitioner, diabetes specialists and vascular specialists. We use advanced wound healing technologies to provide the best care possible.