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Naomi is endorsed for scheduled medicines. This allows her to prescribe and use specific medicines in relation to her podiatric practice.



What Are Foot Orthoses?

Orthotics or orthoses are shoe inserts designed to fit inside your shoes to support, align or improve the function of your feet. 

The most common biomechanical fault is ‘over pronation‘ which is the flattening of your arch and the rolling inwards of your feet and ankles. Over pronation may contribute to overuse injuries, sporting injuries and painful conditions of the feet such as heel pain, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, neuromas, etc.

Excessively high arches or supination may also cause problems but is less common.

Who Wears Orthoses?

People of all ages and a variety of foot and leg problems wear orthoses. Sportspeople are often prescribed orthoses to improve their performance and address mechanical problems.

Orthoses may be prescribed for your particular problem after a comprehensive assessment, taking into account your biomechanics, footwear, occupational and lifestyle factors. Correctly fitted orthotics will realign your feet and ankle bones to their neutral position and correct these anomalies. In turn, this will help alleviate painful symptoms not only in the feet but in other parts of your body, such as knee pain, shin pain and lower back pain.

What Type of Orthoses?

Custom Made

Custom made orthoses are the top of the range and are made specifically for your feet from a plaster cast. They are designed to realign your feet to correct biomechanical problems and are tailored to your needs. They can be made from firm or soft materials or a combination. They can be regularly adjusted to accommodate changes in your activities and footwear.


Prefabricated (or Off the Shelf) orthoses are a cost effective solution for children with growing feet. They can also be modified for superior fit and function to deal with a variety of foot conditions. They provide much greater support than innersoles bought from a retail outlet.

Pressure Relief

Pressure relief orthoses offer additional relief by redistributing pressure from problem areas on the feet. They may be made from a softer or combination material.


Cushioning orthoses are generally made from softer materials and provide shock absorption and padding during walking.