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Helping you achieve your running goals


We love working with runners and believe that everyone should have the opportunity and tools to enable them to run pain-free and with enjoyment.
We use detailed assessment, treatment and programs to help you achieve your running goals.

Running Analysis

Firstly a visual observation looking for abnormalities in foot placement, stride length or posture. Followed by a thorough physical examination of the feet, ankles and lower limb to identify any structural and functional imbalances. Advanced technologies such as video gait analysis or pressure mapping provide objective data on the forces exerted during running. All these assessments help identify underlying issues such as over pronation, leg length discrepancies or poor running technique. This will guide us in developing a personalised treatment plan, footwear advice, orthotics, and other interventions to optimise running form and prevent injuries.

Services tailored for runners

Gait Analysis

Training plan

Rehabilitation plans