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How to Reduce Stiffness in Your Feet?

Feet.   They bear weight, put in long hours, and carry you from one place to another! Yet they are often the most overlooked part of your body. People think about their feet only when they are so...

Cheap Shoes Will Cause Long Term Damage to Your Feet

Human feet are designed to serve a purpose. They support the body and carry its weight. It is due to the feet that you are able to perform everyday tasks with ease. Most people often undermine the...

Uncomfortable shoes can cause problems with your feet in time

I'm a shoe addict. When I'm 80, I could very well be the old lady who lives in her shoe, given how much I invest in footwear.   And I'm not alone. Have you heard Paris Hilton no longer knows how...

Constant Neck Pain? Nothing Helps? Get your Feet Checked!

"It is the victims that cry out, not the criminals."- Physiotherapist and author Diane Lee   If you have neck pain, the first thing you'll likely do is find out if there's something wrong...

Did you know Back Pain can be linked to your Feet

Back pain is no stranger most people. Everybody experiences back pain at some point in their life. People can encounter back pain for multiple reasons. It may be caused due to incorrect sitting...

What happens when you play sports with flat feet

I'd just started training harder for my basketball team, attending an extra two training sessions a week so I could improve my game.   Suddenly, I started getting cramps in my feet. My calves...

Signs you need to see your podiatrist

It wasn't my first ingrown toenail, but it sure was going to be the last one I attempted to remove by myself.   I prefer to manage my toenails myself. Unlike most millennials, I wouldn't say I...