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Cheap Shoes Will Cause Long Term Damage to Your Feet


Human feet are designed to serve a purpose. They support the body and carry its weight. It is due to the feet that you are able to perform everyday tasks with ease. Most people often undermine the role of feet until they experience pain and discomfort and perhaps the most common cause of almost all foot problems is the use of cheap and uncomfortable shoes. While cheap shoes look stylish and come with a low price tag that is often irresistible, there are some real dangers of wearing cheap shoes. Let’s take a look at how the use of cheap shoes can damage your feet in the long run.


Corns and Callus

Corns and callus are both build-up of hard skin in the foot. Prolonged pressure on a specific part of the feet can cause corns and callus. Very often, cheap shoes are made up of poor quality material or come in designs that place a lot of pressure on a specific part of your foot. As a result, people who use cheap shoes regularly end up with problems such as corns and callus.


Ingrown Toenails

Another major problem that can arise due to cheap shoes is ingrown toenails. With certain designs, there is no room for your toes for get comfortable within the shoe. Such ill-fitted shoes can exert pressure on your toes and result in the growth of your nail within the skin. Ingrown toe nails can be painful and may also lead to infections.


Loss of Arch

When you go for cheap shoes, they are inexpensive for a reason. Cheap shoes do not provide enough support to your arch in the foot. Overtime and with regular use of cheap shoes, your arch may flatten. The loss of this natural arch strains the ligaments and is the primary cause of conditions such as Achilles tendonitis and other serious problems related to foot and leg.


Back Pain

Cheap shoes may be comfortable initially but since they are made up of soft and light material, they may wear out soon. And after a while, it appears as if you are walking barefoot. This can be potentially dangerous especially if you are using such shoes outdoors. The lack of support can lead to stiffness in the muscles of your spine. Moreover, you may also experiences intervertebral disc compression due to the use of cheap shoes.


While style and cost are important considerations when choosing footwear, let's not forget that your feet have to serve a purpose and to serve it right, you need comfortable footwear. But if you are really into style and money, then there are ways to improve your cheap shoes such that your feet get better support. At Toorak Village Podiatry, we treat feet that have been damaged by the wrong shoes. To know more about how we do it, visit our website.