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Did you know Back Pain can be linked to your Feet


Back pain is no stranger most people. Everybody experiences back pain at some point in their life. People can encounter back pain for multiple reasons. It may be caused due to incorrect sitting posture at work or a careless weight lifting. In some cases, the cause of back pain in people may not be as apparent as you might think. You may be surprised, but sometimes back pain can be related to your feet. Hard to believe, right? Well, it's not!


The human body is supported by the skeleton that is like scaffolding, where every plank and pole has to be in its best form to support the entire structure and save it from collapsing. The human body is a bit more resilient; that way, if there is a problem with one joint, the entire system might not collapse, but it would cause problems in other components of the body. And that is precisely what happens when uneven pressure or stain on your feet leads to back pain. A person might not realize the relation between their pain and feet because their feet feel fine, and there is no apparent reason for them to worry about their foot function. But back pain can be a sign of a feet-related ailment.

Hyper-Pronation and Hyper-Supination

When a person walks, their feet arch and move inwards to distribute the body's weight over the feet bones evenly. The inwards movement is called pronation. Some pronation is crucial for feet movement, but if a person starts having hyper pronation, then their back might start hurting. Hyper pronation is the excessive inwards movement of the feet when a person walks.  


Another foot problem that can lead to back pain is hyper supination. When a person walks, their feet arch to accommodate the weight and pressure during movement. When the arching motion of the feet gets too intense, it can become a problem, which is called hyper supination. In hyper supination, the foot makes a sharp arch, which causes strain on the foot muscles. And as a result, a person can end up with lower back pain without warning.


So how can you save yourself from having a foot dysfunction that will ensure that you don't have back pain? There is a bunch of ways to control your feet movement and avoid any functional abnormality in the feet.

Having the Right shoes

If you want to protect your feet from going haywire, you should get yourself proper shoes. Consult a podiatric if need be so that they can recommend you shoes with orthotic insoles depending on the degree of dysfunctionality.

Avoid High Heels

Wearing high heels increases the risk of lower back pain. The feet struggle trying to distribute the body's weight evenly in heels, which eventually leads to back pain.

Get Shoes with Cushioning Properties

Shoes with thick padding can help the feet sustaining the body's impact. Try to wear shoes that have active cushioning properties to keep your feet comfortable.


If you are experiencing back pain without an apparent reason, then visit a podiatrist immediately. If you leave the pain unattended, it'll only get worse. Get checked and treat your foot dysfunction to avoid and treat back pain.