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Exercises That Are Good for Your Feet


You must have heard that you need a pair of good running shoes to get started. While you need a comfortable pair of shoes, you also healthy feet. Only with healthy feet you can cover many miles (even if you are not a fitness enthusiast).


Do you agree? Or do you appreciate your feet's performance often? If not, then it's time to change. Learn about four exercises that are good for your feet because, for a healthy you, your feet should be just as fit as you are.


1. Walking

Walking is the best exercise for your entire body, but it is equally useful for your feet. As you walk, you put your foot through a full range of motion, from the time you hit your heel on the ground till you lift off your toes. Along with strengthening your foot muscles and keeping them limber, walking can improve your cardiac health, blood circulation, and mood.   

Besides walking, some of the strengthening and flexibility exercises that can keep your feet healthy include.


2. Toe-curling

Toe-curling is considered to be one of the best exercises for training your feet muscles. And the best part is, you can do it anywhere. Whether you are standing on one leg or both legs or are at the office, toe-curling can give you the benefits regardless of where you try it.


3. Toe Yoga

A slightly tricky exercise that is great for your feet is toe yoga. It is all about intentionally moving certain toes. If you think that's easy, try it out. The exercise may be more difficult than it seems.


Here is how to get started. Lift your big toe and keep all other toes on the ground. Next, hold your big toe on the ground and lift the other toes. Conscious toe movement is an excellent way to improve the strength of your overall feet's muscles.


4. Squeeze and Flex

Squeeze and flex is another simple yet effective exercise for your feet. It improves the flexibility of your feet, which enhances your overall foot health. To get started with this exercise, sit comfortably in a chair and rest your heels on the ground. Now inhale and flex your toes, so they are spaced out. Next, exhale and squeeze all your toes such that it appears as a toe fist.


Several other exercises are good for your feet, such as bending your feet inward and outwards and many more. But we have got one critical tip that can transform your foot (and overall health). Give your feet 10 minutes every day. Clean your feet, pamper them, and most importantly, mobilize. Don't forget; your feet won't just take you to the finish line but also the podium. To find out more about maintaining and improving your foot health, get in touch today.