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Suffering from foot pain? Orthotics might be the answer


When you’ve got foot pain, it can be totally debilitating. We often don’t think about our feet until something goes wrong and, when it does, it’s hard to think about anything else. Your feet are central to so many everyday activities and when standing and walking are agonising, you’ll try anything to get relief.


As many as one in four adults have some foot pain (it’s even more prevalent in those who have diabetes or arthritis), so you’re not alone.  Whatever the cause – and there are many, including poor shoe support, injury, fallen arches, toe issues or bunions – custom orthotics from a podiatrist can help.


What are orthotic shoes?

In podiatry, orthotic inserts are used to treat a wide range of foot problems to help decrease pain and improve mobility. They’re custom-prescribed by your podiatrist to cushion your feet at precisely the right spot to increase your comfort, providing extra arch support, subtly changing how you stand and walk so you relieve any stress you might be putting on your feet as you do so.


Orthotics that are purpose tailored for you can help to redistribute how you put weight on your feet, correct problems with how you move your ankles, increase your ability to move more freely and a great deal more. It’s extraordinary how much they can relieve the pain you feel, so if you’re suffering it’s vital you see a podiatrist as soon as possible. 


Nobody’s feet are exactly the same.

Your local chemist will have all sorts of foot pads and inserts that promise relief from aching feet, but they're usually only a stop-gap. Nothing beats custom orthotics for severe foot pain, because they're made specifically to support your foot, not everybody’s.


Orthotics for Diabetes.

Feet can be a particular problem if you have diabetes. Poor circulation, foot ulcers and numbing nerve damage (neuropathy) are common issues. The latter, in particular, can make it difficult to feel your feet, which can cause issues with fitting shoes and walking steadily. Custom orthotics are a necessity for diabetes sufferers because they ensure you've got the right fit to decrease further foot damage and ease the discomfort of ulcers and chaffing.


Orthotics for Tendonitis.

Tendonitis is a painful inflammatory condition caused by an injury to tendons in your feet and ankles. In addition to other treatments, your podiatrist may prescribe custom shoe inserts to provide extra support to tender tissues that can seriously impair your mobility.


Orthotics for Arthritis.

Hammertoes and bunions are side effects of rheumatoid arthritis that can cause pain to your whole ambulatory system, including shins, knees, and lower back. It can be difficult finding shoes to fit properly without chafing, making every step a torment. Orthotics are essential for making sure your foot is fully supported and cushioned so peripheral pain doesn’t develop.


Orthotics for Plantar Fasciitis.

One of the most common orthopaedic complaints, plantar fasciitis is a painful foot and Achilles tendon ache that’s worse when you first get out of bed. It can make walking and standing torturous, seriously curtailing your enjoyment of everyday activities. Special orthotics can support your arches and redistribute pressure to prevent further damage to the plantar fascia and allow it to heal faster.


Often patients might think that they need orthotics, but might be unsure as they arent really sure what conditions that these might help with. Custom orthotics can be considered but they are not always required and can be a more pricey option to off the shelf products. So how do you sort out which to use, or even if you should use them at all? Luckily TVP we are here to help! You can get in touch with one of our team (we now provide podiatry in Richmond and surrounds) to book in an appointment and we can go over with you whether or not you require these.