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Comfortable Shoes are Still Recommended in Warm Weather as Opposed to Sandals for Long Walks


What’s the one thing that pops into your mind when you hear the phrase ‘comfortable footwear’? It has to be sandals. Sandals are super chic and oh-so-comfortable, and you may feel most comfortable in sandals. But did you know that sandals aren't the best kind of footwear to wear on a long walk? No matter how airy and comfortable they feel in the warm weather, you shouldn't wear them if you've got to walk for long.


It would be best if you opted for sneakers with thick heal when you're going for a long walk or a hike. Sneakers may not be the airiest, especially when the weather is quite warm, but trust us when we say that they’re your best bet for long walks.


You may want to know why we say you shouldn’t wear sandals for long walks. That’s exactly what we’re here for.


Sandals Aren’t Ergonomic

Sandals may be comfortable, but they aren't ergonomic. It means that the sandal design isn't focused on providing your feet support and comfort that you'll need for longer walks. Most sandals may have a thick and padded heel, but if you look closely, they're pretty much flat. They aren't arched to offer support to your contoured feet. Unless you're using high-end hiking sandals, we won't suggest you wear sandals for long walks. Wearing sandals for too long can also affect your posture. As we said, the sandals aren’t arched to provide your feet with the much-needed support. Your feet won't be in an ideal position, which may affect your posture in the long run.


Sandals Don’t Absorb Shock

Your walking trail will not always be flat and smooth. If you're wearing sandals when you've got to walk through rough patches, you'll soon start to feel your feet hurt. Sandals don't provide cushioning and shock absorption like sneakers. Your feet will be exposed to excessive stress, and soon enough, you'll feel tired and unable to walk any further.


Sandals Expose You to Injuries and Infections

Sandals don't cover your feet entirely. Most of your feet are pretty much exposed, which means you're more susceptible to injuries. Even if you bump your toe against a stone or wall, you might get hurt pretty badly. Not only that, if there's a wound on your foot, wearing sandals can expose it to germs that can lead to infection. Not to forget the fact that summer is also a mosquito season.


We've got to agree that sandals look super cool. They're the best footwear for quick trips where you've got to run to get some errands done. However, if you're planning to walk over a long distance, sandals aren't the best footwear after all. You'll end up with sore feet, and that can take a while to get better!